Tornado: do damage!

International functional drink market is characterised by steadfast growth of demand (15% yearly), high competitiveness and low customer loyalty. Almost 20% of consumers tend to change their drinking habits. In order to stand out from its benchmarks and to increase sales, a brand has to develop a remarkable and easy-to-perceive ideas.


Packaging design plays a significant role in successful brand promotion. A pack can trigger customer’s desire to purchase, not to mention that a fair share of product awareness depends on its visual representation.


Therefore, Mildberry was assigned by Global Functional Drinks (GFD), an International Switzerland-based company, to create a brand and a new package design for Tornado energy drink.


Generally, functional drink manufactures tend to link their product to a particular lifestyle. For instance, 62 % of brands are promoted by extreme-sports, 29% by music festivals and so on. In order to gain a share in a highly competitive market, GFD intended to go against the rules. In pursuit of a new target audience the company spotted a burst of video-games popularity.  A video-gamer is a person, who considers video-games to be an important part of everyday routine. Supporting own capacity becomes crucial and requires an extra energy boost, which Tornado’s vitaminised formula is able to provide.


Mildberry reflected the brand philosophy into the product package design making Tornado acquire a direct mean of communication with its target audience. Moreover, the package design obtained an international character and the brand entered not only the UK market but the US and Russian markets as well.

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