In order to stay relevant in the ever evolving market with extremely high competition, even already established and renowned companies need to update their semantics and visual identity.

International brand Calve from Unilever is well-known to consumers in the Russian market. Due to the global update of its brand positioning, Mildberry was tasked with redesigning the whole range of Calve products, including around 40 items represented by three categories: ketchups, mayonnaises, and sauces.

Mildberry developed the concept that expands on Calve’s updated idea — “the variety of flavours from around the world for enjoyment and inspiration”. Through this concept, the updated packaging   is able to communicate the key brand attributes of Calve — premium quality, European origin, environmental friendliness, and organic farming. By vividly demonstrating natural ingredients, the design is able to emphasise the uniqueness of flavours of Calve, while the clear architecture of the design makes it easier for consumers to navigate through the vast assortment range.

Outside of the concept design, Mildberry developed the marketing copy for packages that also reflects the new positioning and makes the interaction between the brand and consumers that more real and active. Moreover, this project included the development of key visual, which became the foundation for future marketing of the brand.
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