Success on the Chinese market is directly related to the ability to quickly react to changes and propose something new. More often than not, traditional industry methodologies aren’t flexible and adaptable enough to complete nonstandard tasks in developing markets, such as China, where there is no formed context, and the consumer behaviour is always changing. In these situations, you have to find new ways and methods to find and create concepts that are related to the current market.


Bravo Mama — is a new brand by Food Union for the Chinese market. This brand includes a wide variety of dairy products, comprised of 23 SKUs. The Mildberry team developed the semantic and visual components of Bravo Mama.


While working on the concept, we focused on the vast and difficult audience of young and modern mothers of Shanghai, Beijing and other Chinese major cities. Even though the well-being of kids is important, the role of being a mother itself is not the priority for these women. They are ambitious, creative, modern and they keep pushing themselves forward. For them, it is crucial to continue learning, developing their skills, and keep being socially active regardless of their new role. These women seek inspiration and approval of their decisions and achievements in their surroundings. This insight was the foundation of the Bravo Mama concept – a product that supports young mothers in realising their ambitions and dreams and pushes them to experimentation and success.

This is how the brand that stimulates the creative potential of young mothers came to be. Bravo Mama addresses the consumers directly, inspiring them to new achievements. The expressive design with elements of modern graphic art, unseen in the dairy industry, as well as the use of atypical colours, formed a bright and creative product.

Bravo Mama is sold online and offline exclusively in one of the biggest Chinese retail chains Yonghui, which is famous for its focus on fresh and healthy products, oriented on modern consumers living in large cities.


Moments after the start of sales, Bravo Mama had an official presentation in Shanghai. It ended being a significant media event, reported on by more than 30 news sources and as well as on two TV channels.

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