Development of a new vodka brand

The vodka market is limited in promotion and communication tools. Packaging is still the main way to convey the essence of the brand. The label and form factor must demonstrate the key idea, mood, and features of the product to the consumer. At the same time, the market is highly segmented, as high margins allow a large number of companies to experiment with naming and design. However, only the most progressive ones are willing to invest in product innovation.


An example of such a project is the new brand of Balchug vodka in the premium segment, which was developed by Mildberry team.

During the work on this complex project, Mildberry developed positioning, brand platform, and assortment strategy. The original bottle shape and visual identity system were created, including label design, key visuals, souvenir products, and promotional materials.

Dualism of the past and the future

Balchug is a vodka that connects the past and the future. It is a product of exceptional quality for those who feel involved in the passage of time. The combination of historical traditions and innovative technologies made it possible to create the perfect vodka of the future and recreate the original vodka of the past.


Together with the client, Mildberry developed an assortment strategy and product names based on the brand duality:


Balchug XVI is an authentic flavored vodka, which is made according to the technology of the 16th century and conveys the original taste of the first vodkas.


Balchug XXI is an innovative drink, a soft vodka made from unique grain alcohol and pure water.

The voice that connects epochs

The key slogans and tone of voice of the brand were developed within the project scope. Balchug speaks in a paced, relaxed, smooth, soft voice. At the same time, the brand language is expressive, it always maintains a style that suits the context.


“Inspired by perfection” is the main slogan. It refers to the quality of the product, the creators of the benchmark drink and the audience, for whom buying in this segment means reflection of a certain status.


An additional message “Based on the past, aimed for the future” decorates each bottle of Balchug vodka, conveying the idea and the duality of the brand’s product positioning.

Timeless image

Balchug brand logo has a unique lettering inspired by the history of ancient ‘uncial writing’. The sign is a symbol of two connected bowls, which reflect the idea of interconnected times — XVI and XXI centuries. The shape of the sign is inspired by the silhouette of an hourglass, reminding the flow of time and expressing the idea of duality of the brand itself.


The bottle, designed by Mildberry team, is inspired by the outline of a scepter. The shape is complemented by the embossing of the brand’s slogan “Inspired by perfection” and the sign “Based on the past, aimed for the future” on the body of the bottle. On the bottom of the bottles there are embossed circular inscriptions “Balchug XVI” and “Balchug XXI”. Tinted aged glass is used for the Balchug XVI version.

The label designs follow the same architecture, but the two products are noticeably different in style. The visual image of Balchug XVI is noble red and gold colors, ornamentation and printing on the back of the label. Rich blue shade, silver, and technological graphics were chosen for Balchug XXI.


Mildberry design team also developed key visuals for the new brand, promotional gift packs, and a cover for a book about the history of vodka.

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