Baboo is a new brand of Vesta, one of the largest suppliers of products for new moms and newborns in Russia. A team from Mildberry has developed a brand for the entire product line.


This category is traditionally highly competitive, and the particular involvement of the audience in the selection of high-quality and safe products for health and comfort is characteristic of it. In the process of developing the brand, we were deeply immersed in the needs of young parents, as well as in the context of the Russian market of children’s accessories.


The situational analysis showed that the main driver for making a purchase in this market is related to the functional advantages of the product: safety, convenience and simplicity. However, in the middle and low price segments there are not enough brands that could convincingly satisfy these basic needs and at the same time create a strong emotional connection with the consumer, who needs support in his|her new role as a parent.


The Baboo brand undertakes to help all young mothers and fathers raise healthy and happy kids, and also remind them every day that being a good parent is not as difficult as it seems.


We suggested the Baboo name, which has a gentle and touching phonation and resembles baby babble, causing a specific emotional response. The packaging design is based on the principle of an intuitive and understandable presentation of useful information, which simplifies product selection and helps each parent save valuable time. The color that is unique to this category creates a sense of expertise and helps the consumer quickly find the product on the shelf.

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