In the early 2000s, having come to the Russian market, Aquamaris became the first player in the segment of nasal preparations based on sea water. Although the company still remains the leader in its industry, occupying a 46% market share in terms of sales, the main competitors have strengthened their positions in recent years by investing in the distribution and promotion of new product formats.


In 2011, Aquamaris has also launched a number of new product items on the basis of Adriatic Sea water, including aerosol. The analysis of consumer experience has shown that in spite of the fact that the brand confidently maintains loyalty of the existing audience, current brand communications are not enough for the desired growth. To attract attention of the new audience, and to strengthen brand loyalty within the professional medical community, the company has decided to update the visual communication of the brand.


One of the main tasks within the project has become the development of the brand architecture and convenient navigation within its complex product matrix. In view of the pretty wide product range and the huge variety of positions, it was often difficult for consumers to make a choice. Mildberry experts have helped the company efficiently structure the product portfolio, determine priority positions, and those needed to be suspended, and allocate each product in accordance with its purpose.


In the new package design, we have focused on the natural composition of the preparation based on sea water, having clearly reflected the main differences and advantages in each product position, preserving the brand’s continuity at the same time. Now it has become easier for consumers to find the right thing among the whole Aquamaris product range.

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