A window into nature

In May 2016, Severnoye Moloko (“Northern Milk”) Company launched three new production lines at its plant in the town of Gryazovets, Vologda Region: two lines for cottage cheese and cultured cream, and one for bottling whole-milk products. The aggregate capacity of the new lines — more than 3 thousand tons per month — led to a regional scale project set up. However, the company’s ambitions went far beyond regional level: Severnoye Moloko was planning not only to successfully launch a number of new green product lines to appear in the shops of Vologda Region, but also to ship its products to all Russian regions.


Severnoye Moloko is an experienced player in the dairy market where winning consumers’ trust and loyalty is a serious challenge, so their focus was on professional and expert positioning of their brands.


Based on consumer surveys and market research, Mildberry experts developed a brand concept called “A Window into Nature”, which reflected the importance of the project on the regional level using the main advantage of Vologda Region: its environment. The brand’s positioning strategy has been developed as a part of this concept, as well as package design for the product lines. The brand’s visual identity included elements of wildlife and symbols of environmentally clean production.

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