A unified language of ice-cream

Mildberry created a new visual identity and package design for “Zolotoy Standart” ice-cream, Inmarko’s brand, which belongs to Unilever.


“Zolotoy Standart” entered Russian market in 2009 and became quite popular among adults and seniors. However, in 2015 Unmark started targeting teenagers and young adults.


In order to attract youngsters and not to lose the existing consumers, the company implemented a new positioning of the brand. “Zolotoy Standart” became a “treat shared by family, which brings generations together”.

Mildberry created a new visual identity of “Zolotoy Standart”, redesigned the package, reflecting the brand repositioning, yet keeping it consistent with the previous package.


“Zolotoy Standart” acquired a new, contemporary cosy design with a structured navigation throughout the product line.

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